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News 2020 - Die luxuriöse Starkenberg-Suite zum Träumen und Wohlfühlen in Schenna

Current weather

For your vacation in Scena

The weather on Tuesday, 02.06.2020

Min.: 10°C
Max.: 26°C

High currents from north.

Sunny weather. During the afternoon will form some cumulus clouds over the mountains. Local rain showers over the southern part of the territory will not be excluded.

Diurnal high values up to 23°/30°.

The weather on Wednesday, 03.06.2020

Min.: 10°C
Max.: 23°C

Humid air masses will reach the Alps from west.

The day will start with sunny weather. In the afternoon the probability of rain showers and thunderstorms will increase due to cumulus clouds.

High values up to 20°/27°.

The weather in the mountains on Tuesday, 02.06.2020

High currents from north.

Temperature at 2.000m: 11°C
Temperature at 3.000m: 2°C
0° at altitude: 3200m

The weather in the mountains on Wednesday, 03.06.2020

Humid air masses will reach the Alps from west.

Temperature at 2.000m: 10°C
Temperature at 3.000m: 1°C
0° at altitude: 3100m

Weather forecast in South Tyrol


Min.: 5°C
Max.: 22°C


Min.: 5°C
Max.: 20°C


Min.: 4°C
Max.: 24°C


Min.: 5°C
Max.: 24°C

Map of South Tyrol on Tuesday, 02.06.2020

Map of South Tyrol on Wednesday, 03.06.2020